Nousy is a blogcast (i.e. both a blog and podcast). I blog mostly about epistemology and metaphilosophy; and podcast primarily about contemporary work in philosophy. Occasionally, I post revised articles from my archive and recap blogposts on the pod.

Schedule (from September ‘23)

Usually updated weekly, on Wednesdays, alternating between the blog and podcast.

Community Guidelines

Please participate in good faith, stay on topic, and aim towards, if not agreement, a mutually respectful understanding.


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Founded in ‘22 as a blog on Blogger, evolved in ‘23 into a blogcast on Substack.


Nous (pronounced /nu:s/) is Greek for mind and Nousy (/nu:si/) is what I call things that contain food for thought, like this blogcast.


To make my thoughts more clear and share some food for thought with others.


Minimalist ad-free design to enhance focus.


I’m a philosophy student. I’m not perfect, but I’m doing my best to improve both as a person and philosopher. My personal goal is to live well and my professional goal is to become a counsellor.


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