This is Nousy, a blogcast about philosophy, by a student philosopher.


Nous (pronounced /nu:s/) is Greek for mind and Nousy (pronounced /nu:si/) is what I call things that contain food for thought, like this blogcast.


Nousy is a blogcast (i.e. both a blog and podcast). I blog mostly about epistemology, ethics, metaphilosophy, and metaphysics; and podcast primarily about contemporary work in philosophy. I also post blogpost recaps and revised articles from my archive.


Founded in ‘22 as a blog on Blogger, evolved in ‘23 into a blogcast on Substack.


To make my thoughts more clear and share some food for thought.


Minimalist ad-free design to enhance focus.


Nousy is usually updated on Sundays and Wednesdays; with some exceptions (due to illness, travel, etc).

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No spam, insults, personal attacks or offensive material. Please participate in good faith and always aim towards, if not agreement, a mutually respectful understanding.


I’m a philosophy student at UofT, a polyglot, an imperfect being + perfectionist, play bass guitar and soccer (but not at the same time), love to travel, explore the outdoors, enjoy afternoon tea with friends and, however rarely, perform stand-up comedy.


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